Chris Lockett - ObamaCare CD

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Chris Lockett - ObamaCare CD


1. It's Beautiful Being Real
2. Never Crossed Game feat Philthy Rich
3. If You Take A Look feat Danny From Sobrante & Mistah FAB
4. Where They Do That At feat V. White
5. Sending You A Message feat G Stack
6. Friends feat Mike C & Lil CDA
7. I'm Alright feat Lil Sticks
8. If You Fuckin With Me feat Lil Sticks
9. Listen feat Stevie Joe & Clint Collins
10. Whipped Out feat Whip Game
11. Changes feat Whip Game
12. Binges feat Danny From Sobrante
13. Do You Girl feat Young Ro
14. In This Music feat Young Ro, Chevy Crocker & Lil Sticks
15. Ova feat G Lean & Ethol Lee
16. Respect The Connect feat G Lean & Whip
17. We Ain't Fuckin With You feat Danny From Sobrante
18. I Just Wonder feat Sliq Money
19. Big Homie feat Crazy Main
20. Where I'm From feat Lil Sticks
21. Sins