Lil Blood - Usalama CD

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Manufacturer: Lil Blood
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1. Intro (Cold World)
2. Drug Abuse (feat. Yid, Yatta, Lil Goofy & Philthy Rich)
3. Truth Is (feat. Mozzy & Peezy)
4. Streets Say He Snitching (feat. Lil AJ, Yatta & Paid Will)
5. Lost In the Dark (feat. Lonnie Bands & Dubb 20)
6. I Need More (feat. Lil Kayla & Lama Lama)
7. Paid For That (feat. Shoddy Boi)
8. KK Season
9. Lick Music (feat. Lonnie Bands, Frost, Shredgang Mone, Lil Goofy, Bandgang Masoe, Big Money Sheik, Lil AJ, Lee Majors & Paid Will)
10. No Talking (feat. Celly Ru, Yid & Lil AJ)
11. So Real (feat. Meme Shonte)
12. Do It For Yourself (feat. Lil Goofy, Brother Boo & New Game)
13. Let's Roll Up a Backwood (feat. Skeme)
14. Usalama (feat. Boo Banga, Lil Yee, Yid, Lil Purp, Lama Lama, Lil Goofy, DJ, Lil AJ, Joski, Getta Dro, Nole, J Hollow, T Milli, L Boogie, KE, Yatta, Philthy Rich & New Game)
15. Keep Pushin (feat. Mozzy)
16. Outro