Jayda - King Of The Block CD Young Jayda

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Jayda - King Of The Block CD
2005 Goodfella Records

16 Tracks Featuring:
Ap.9, San Quinn, GP The Beast, P-Fame, Low-G, Lavish, Joe Nutt, Detro, Big Famous, Lil' Hollywood, Keez, Lil' Darrelle, K-Geeta, The Game, Lil' Quay, Jasmine, Isaiah & Charles Weaver, Shayla, Alex & Desquez

1. My Pain (Feat. Ap.9)
2. The Hood Is Ours (Feat. P-Fame & Low-G)
3. King Of The Block
4. Whoever Want It (Feat. Lavish-D & Joe Nutt)
5. California Hustle (Feat. Detro)
6. We Gonna Get You (Feat. Lavish-D)
7. 1-2-3
8. Can You Feel Me (Feat. Detro)
9. Walk With Us (Feat. K-Geeta & GP The Beast)
10. Nor Cal & So Cal (Feat. The Game & Lil' Quay)
11. The Whole Wide World (Feat. Jasmine, Charles & Isaiah Weaver, Shayla, Alex & Desquez)
12. Hotel Kali (Feat. Big Famous)
13. Triple Threat (Feat. K-Geeta & San Quinn)
14. Nobody (Feat. K-Geeta & Big Famous)
15. Just Thoughts
16. GF Bitch (Feat. P-Fame, Lil' Famous, Lil' Hollywood, Keez, K-Geeta, Lavish-D, Lil' Darrelle, Joe Nutt & Big Famous)