$Uicideboy$ - I Want to Die in New Orleans CD

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$Uicideboy$ - I Want to Die in New Orleans CD

2018 release. Hailing from New Orleans' Seventh Ward, a crime-ridden, neglected, violent section of the city, rap duo and cousins $uicideboy$, comprised of members $lick and Ruby Da Cherry, got their start in 2014 and their name references a pact they made: if they didn't make it by age 30, they would end their lives. XXL magazine heralded $uicideboy$ as "one of the fastest growing acts in hip-hop right now" and their heavily anticipated album I Want To Die in New Orleans is inspired by their tour experiences and all the extravagance that comes along with the fame. The duo strives to create clever, thought-provoking music that continues to push boundaries, while also remaining true to their mission, which $lick says is "We make music for people who don't know who they are, and where they belong. That's the whole philosophy behind $uicideboy$: nothing is ever permanent - especially life."

  • 1 King Tulip
  • 2 Bring Out Your Dead
  • 3 Nicotine Patches
  • 4 10,000 Degrees
  • 5 122 Days
  • 6 Phantom Menace
  • 7 Krewe Du Vieux (Comedy & Tragedy)
  • 8 War Time All the Time
  • 9 Coma
  • 10 Long Gone (Save Me from This Hell)
  • 11 Meet Mr. Niceguy
  • 12 Carrollton
  • 13 FVCK the Industry
  • 14 I No Longer Fear the Razor
  • 15 Guarding My Heel (IV)