Big Tone - Game Gifted CD

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Big Tone - Game Gifted CD


1. Ain't No Love (ft. Tone Gunz, Dee Cisneros)
2. Gangsta Era (ft. Baby Gas, Dee Cisneros, DJ Habanero)
3. To Live In Die In The Bay (ft. Megan)
4. Hate It Or Love It (ft. Tone Gunz)
5. Reap What You Sow (ft. Dee Cisneros, Calle)
6. Mind Gamez (ft. B-Dawg, Icee)
7. Celebration (ft. Dee Cisneros, Tone Gunz, Jay Lozoya)
8. Playin Just To Play
9. You Holla Gang (ft. Rico 2Smoove, Yung Cinco)
10. Put On (ft. Tone Gunz, Young A)
11. Took It's Toll (ft. Dee Cisneros, Tone Gunz)
12. Game Gifted (ft.Gomey)
13. Hold It Down (ft. Jay Lozoya)
14. One Life (ft. Laced)
15. Batter Way (ft. Tito B)