C-Murder - Oldies But Goodies CD (Slim Line)

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Manufacturer: C-Murder
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C-Murder - Oldies But Goodies CD

(Slim Line) = Case, front cover, back cover with tracklisting plus CD

C-Murder - Oldies But Goodies
1. Ain’t Nut’n Personal (feat. Snoop Dogg & Slikk The Shocker)
2. Money Don’t Make Me (ft. Magic & Solja Slim)
3. Uptown (ft. 504 Boyz & Mac)
4. Ghetto D
5. TRU ?’s (ft. TRU)
6. Eternity (ft. Mr.Serv On)
7. Ball ‘Till We Fall (ft. Magic)
8. Hustlin’
9. The Lord Is Testin’ Me (ft. TRU & Slikk The Shocker)
10. Makin Moves (ft. Mo B. Dick)
11. Imagine (ft. Solja Slim)
12. Soldiers (ft. TRU)
13. No L-I-M-I-T (ft. TRU)
14. Depend On Me (ft. Magic)
15. Torcher Chamber (ft. TRU)
16. Hard Time (ft. Magic)
17. What’s The Reason
18. Whody (ft. 504 Boyz)
19. What They Call Us (ft. TRU)