C-Murder - TRU Presents Uptown Legends CD (Slim Line)

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C-Murder - TRU Presents Uptown Legends CD

This is a slim line CD which contains a front and inside cover, CD and case.

Track Listing
1. Intro Tru Dat (feat. DJ Hektic)
2. If I Gotta Die
3. Doefus Speaks (feat. Doefus)
4. I Want It, You Got It (feat. Soulja Slim)
5. You Can Bleed (feat. B.G., Gar & Skip)
6. Super Star (feat. Malachi)
7. Niggas Owe Me (feat. Soulja Slim, B.G. & Boosie)
8. Write Me (feat. Soulja Slim)
9. Dedication Interlude
10. New Orleans in Me (feat. Jahbo, Juvenile & B.G.)
11. Uptown Thang (feat. B.G.)
12. I Don't Give a Fuck (feat. Soulja Slim & T-BO)
13. lack Rain (feat. Malachi)
14. Wootay (feat. Soulja Slim)
15. All Yall Heard of Me (feat. B.G.)
16. Locked Up (feat. Poison Ivy & B. Weave)
17. Ghetto Ties (feat. Soulja Slim & Da Hound)
18. What's up, What's Happening (feat. Soulja Slim)
19. One False Remix (feat. Akon, G. Dinero & B.G.)
20. Fiends (feat. Soljah Will aka Underground Prezident & Fatdog)
21. Imagine Life (feat. Soulja Slim & Mac)
22. I Make Money (feat. Magic & Soulja Slim)
23. I Do the Most (feat. Erki Da General)