DJ Muggs X Mach Hommy - Tuez-les Tous CD

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DJ Muggs X Mach Hommy - Tuez-les Tous CD

  • LABEL: Soul Assassins Recs

2019 release. On Tuez-Les Tous-English translation: "kill 'em all"-Muggs and Mach-Hommy are a bloody-knuckled tag-team. Here, the full scope of Muggs' heavy, grimdark oeuvre is on display, with piano and drum loops chasting sinister bass lines into an endlessly dark night. Complemented by Muggs' black-grey palette, Mach-Hommy seems an apparition cloaked in a rippling, silken Haitian flag-he doesn't "ride a beat" so much as he floats through it's walls, disappearing and reappearing as best he sees fit. On "900k," a disembodied wail backs Mach-Hommy as he alternates effortlessly between English and Creole, his spectral rhythm entirely his own. It's a style he honed on 11 albums in less than a year, and it's a style perfected when backed by Muggs' lysergic dirges.