First Degree the D.E. - Black Bane Misunderstood Hero (Part One) CD

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There once was a man named Bane. Black as the night where he came. He fought for what's right, all his might lead the fight. The system called him insane. First Degree The D.E. fights for the people as "Black Bane, Misunderstood Hero, Part One Of Two". After establishing a world-wide team and following, releasing 20 years of albums, being featured on Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch albums, and the emergence on Fahrenheit Radio, First Degree's career has reached the next level. As Black Bane, The D.E. uses his power to uplift and inform the people. No explicit lyrics! Black Bane is filled with concious, thoughtful, controvercial lyrics and masterful beats by Phonk Beta, Oji, and Sultin Mir. THe single, "Say Serra" is smooth with live guitar and pianos. Major push and tour! The Black Bane movement will be spread in magazines, videos, radio, and with an extensive online campaign (,,, USrapnews, to name a few) BLACK BANE!