HD - The Winter Soldier CD (Slim Line)

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Product ID : 827577535540
Manufacturer: HD
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HD - The Winter Soldier CD 

This is a slim line CD which contains a front and inside cover, CD and case.

Track Listing
1. Dunya
2. War Elephants
3. No Town Like Uptown (feat. Lil Frost
4. Bird Feeder (feat. Jinx)
5. Inspire Me (feat. G-Dirty)
6. Mind, Body n Soul
7. Winter Soldier (feat. Faceway Miah & KBDN)
8. 2 da Neck Gang (Eddie Kaine)
9. Dead 2 Me
10. How U Do Me (feat. Vonnie Mac)
11. Lonely
12. Don't Cum My Way
13. Bag Lady (feat. G-Dirty)
14. Violator