Lil Tae - Wait For Me CD

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Lil Tae - Wait For Me CD

1. Wanna Ride
2. Not Like This (Ft. Lil Rue & Fameru)
3. Jumpin In The Game (Ft. Steve G & Dubb 20)
4. Your Welcome
5. These Bitches
6. Don't Judge Me (Ft. Lil Jaxx)
7. 80s Babies (Ft. Stevie Joe)
8. Don't Trust
9. Right For This
10. Forreal
11. Long Distant Lover
12. My Illa (Ft. Mozzy)
13. Cant Wait (Ft. Rydah J. Klyde)
14. I Mob (Ft. Bruce Banna, Trel, Street Knowledge, Rydah J. Klyde, Fed-X, Joe Blow, 2ude, D Mac, Hollywood, King Jona, Lil Rue & Skeet)
15. Real Still (Ft. Baider)