Lil Aj - Lost File CD (Slim Line)

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Manufacturer: Lil Aj
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Lil Aj - Lost File CD

(Slim Line) = Case, front cover, back cover with tracklisting plus CD

Lil AJ - Lost Files
1. Don’t Come Around (ft. Blast Holiday, Lil Frost, & Mistah F.A.B.)
2. Watch Me Go Get It (ft. Block Rob)
3. Drug Trade (ft. Boo Banga, The Jacka, & Blast Holiday)
4. Mobbin (ft. Lil Rue & Street Knowledge_
5. Pound Cake (ft. Stef Stax, Shady Nate, & HD)
6. 400 Cash Now (ft. Risktake Ros, Lil Frost & aust47)
7. Death Around The Corder (ft. Lil Frost & Mikey Baby
8. Wasn’t With Us (ft. Naj The Shooter)
9. Thank You (ft. Joe Blow & Blast Holiday)
10. No Lie (ft. Young TD & Lil Frost)