Nutt-So - The Betrayal Vinyl Record (German Import)

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Nutt-So - The Betrayal Vinyl Record (German Import)

Double LP - Remastered Special Edition limited to 325 Copies

Nutt-So's "The Betrayal" is one of the most underrated Bay Area albums ever. Originally released on tape only, it's time for a vinyl edition of this hard hittin' Classic Bomb outta Oakland. Loaded on double wax, ready to spin that G-Funk!

Importanted from Germany, Europe (this is why the price is so high)


Side A

01 The Betrayal
02 Another Day At The Pool
03 Bullets Over Bloc's
04 Interrogation

Side B

  1. Mobbin Thru The Town (feat. Todd Brown)
  2. Pool Party (feat. Jay-R of YGB)
  3. Midnite Is A Lonely Place (feat. Yolanda Stevens)

Side C

  1. When Will Heaven Call (feat. Yvonne Cole & Keyshia Cole)
  2. Murder In Cold Blood (feat. Jet & Pound of StreeThugs)
  3. Recipe Of A Thug (feat. Pound & Doe of StreeThugs)
  4. Keep Mobbin On (feat. Jay-R of YGB)

Side D

  1. Sho'Em We G's
  2. Thug Livin
  3. On Top Of The World