Philthy Rich - N.E.R.N.L. 4 CD

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Product ID : 888915575215
Manufacturer: Philthy Rich
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Philthy Rich is one of the most prolific artist hailing from the Bay Area. He has released a project every month this year and shows no sign of slowing down. On N.E.R.N.L 4 (Not Enough Real N*ggas Left), he picks up where he left off on volume 3, except this time with an all-star cast from the members of SOB x RBE, Mozzy, Mistah F.A.B., Rexx Life Raj, ALLBLACK, Erk The Jerk, RTee Grizzley, Lil Yee, and more.

  • 1 Cabos
  • 2 My Shit (Feat. Tee Grizzley)
  • 3 Off Safety (Feat. Yhung T.O., Mozzy, Ziggy)
  • 4 Exhausted (Feat. TK Kravitz)
  • 5 Dope Boy (Feat. Rexx Life Raj & Allblack)
  • 6 Passion (Feat. Ray Vicks)
  • 7 Take Something (Feat. Did, Slimmy B, Lil Yee)
  • 8 Social Media Gangstas
  • 9 Snitching Ass Stacy
  • 10 U Changed (Feat. Mistah F.A.B., Dolla Dame, Erk the Jerk)
  • 11 Come from
  • 12 Pray 4 My Enemies (Feat. Lil Pete & Prezi)
  • 13 Dame Fame (Feat Syph)
  • 14 All I Want (Feat. Team Eastside Peezy, Cash Click Blog & Rockin Rolla)
  • 15 FMB X Fod (Feat. FMB DZ)
  • 16 Understand
No Parental Advisory