Various Artists - Bay Area Rap One CD

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The Bay Area is on fire! Fahrenheit Records proudly presents a collection of the hottest Bay Area underground rappers on one album! Andre Nickatina, Mac Dre, B-Legit, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Dubee, Smoov-E and more bring their skills and fan base to this record. Brotha Lynch Hung producer Phonk Beta and First Degree The D.E. bring their unique beats to the equation, equaling a hit! Keep up on Shlangz!

Track Listing

1. I (feat. Andre Nickatina, First Degree The D.E., Be Gee)
2. We Count Racks (feat. Messy MArv, A.K. The Teflon Don)
3. Uhh Yeaugh (feat. Mac Dre, Majr D)
4. Hunter's Point Sundial (feat. Oji And The Ascension Team)
5. P.A.B. (feat. Smoov-E, Balance, A.K. The Teflon Don)
6. Hustlin Humans (feat. Equipto, First Degree The D.E.)
7. Last Wayz (feat. B-Legit, Duna, Tek, Majr D)
8. Enclave (feat. San Quinn, Be Gee, First Degree The D.E.)
9. Crushin & Headbustin (feat. C-Bo, Chill Bola, A.K. The Teflon Don)
10. Paradigm Shift (feat. Oji and the Ascension Team)
11. Matrixx (feat. Balance)
12. Tryna Function Remix (feat. Rappin 4Tay, Greg Double, King Scrub, Castroni)
13. Set Um Straight (feat. Dubee, Majr D)
14. (Manipura) The Solar Chakra (feat. Oji and the Ascension Team)
15. Numbers (feat. Nick Peace)