Various Artists - Gangsters & Thugs Vol. 5 CD

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Various Artists - Gangsters & Thugs Vol. 5 CD

1.  Intro
Written & Performed By:  Levitti
Produced by:  Filthy Fill
      2.  Deep in the Game
       Written & Performed By: Lil Raider
            Produced by: Filthy Fill
      3.    Slide  on Dem
       Written & Performed By: B Legit, Beeda Weeda, J Stalin
             Produced by: Kev Knocks
4.    This is how I Live
            Written & Performed By: Filthy Fill, Lil Raider, Davina
      Produced by:  Filthy Fill
      5.  Blood Money
           Written & Performed By: Spice 1, Big Tone, C-Bo
     Produced by: Kev Knocks
      6.   Sippin on Bo
Written & Performed By: Masta Steele, Haywood, Mozzy
Produced by: Sean Ross
     7.    Hard Headed
Written & Performed By:  B Dawg, Lou E Lou
            Produced by:  Filthy Fill
 8.    One Mob
Written & Performed By:  Lil Rue, Daz Dillinger, M-Dot 80
             Produced by:  Kev Knocks
     9.   Showed Out
      Written & Performed By:  San Quinn, Yoey The Fundraiser, Beeda Weeda
            Produced by:  Serg  Da Mac
    10.  Hating on my Dreams
       Written & Performed By: Filthy Fill, A-One, Shadow, Levitti
           Produced by: Kev Knocks & Filthy Fill
 11. Paper over Pussy
      Written & Performed By: E-40, Mac Reese, Big Cholo, Filthy Fill
            Produced by: Filthy Fill
12.   Generations
Written & Performed By:  Spice 1, Daddy Rich, Hooli Automatic
Produced by:  Stinje
    1x.   Till the Wheels Fall off
Written & Performed By: Tiny Lon Don, Tanisha
         Produced by:  Curt Nitty
     14.  All Funk, No Love
Written & Performed By: Conspiracy, Big Rome, Lil Toro
         Produced by:  Conspiracy
     15.   It’s the Mob
        Written & Performed By: Ampichino, Freeway, Troublez
         Produced by:  Sean Ross
 16.  Real Hitters
      Written & Performed By:  Lil Toro, Big Rome, Lonely Boy
            Produced by: Kev Knocks

     17. 10 Seconds Shadow Filthy Fill

        * Bonus Track - Times Up   
Written & Performed By: Troublez, A-One, Mozzy, Lil Rue
Produced by: Phantom Beats