X-Raided - California Dreamin CD

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X-Raided - California Dreamin CD

  • RELEASE DATE: 8/16/2019

California Dreamin is Sacramento Hip-Hop Legend X-Raided's latest release and first since gaining his freedom. After spending more than two decades incarcerated and releasing music from the inside, X-Raided is back to share everything he has learned and experienced in his life. The project has an array of different sounds catering to all audiences and features production from Super Producer Mally Mall. The California Dreamin album represents the part of my journey where I've paroled from prison and am free, but am still adjusting to society, feeing like an outsider trying to be let in. The cover art represents the feeing that I've been to, through, and out of hell. Now that I'm home, it's time to live my best life and beast out as an artist. I wanted to make an album that was lyrical, competitive, and current, that also honored the ingredients that make classic hip hop albums classic: bars, hunger and relentless passion. I sincerely feel like we pulled it off.

  • 1 California Nightmare
  • 2 John Deere
  • 3 Narcolepsy (Feat. Manjaroe)
  • 4 Death March
  • 5 California Dreamin
  • 6 Get Off Me (Feat. Yogi Calhoon)
  • 7 Jackie Robinson (42)
  • 8 Truest Story Ever (Feat. Bleezo & MacNtaj)
  • 9 Jihad (Holy War)
  • 10 Used to Be (Feat. Hustleman Benjermin)
  • 11 So Centsless
  • 12 Water Level (Feat. King Pyro)
  • 13 Natural (Feat. Youngin Floe)
  • 14 8th Wonder (Feat. Kokane)
  • 15 So Beautiful (Feat. Manjaroe)
  • 16 Education
  • 17 Make a Change (Feat. Manjaroe)
  • 18 Never Gave Up (Blessed) (Feat. Lil Uce)