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Save 12% All Year, 100% Guaranteed, 5 Free CDs + a Free Rapbay T-shirt

1. 12% EXTRA SAVINGS 24 hours, every day, 365 days a year, on any of our items on shop.rapbay.com. Once you purchase your Rapbay Club Membership, Rapbay will upgrade your account to your new Club Member status. This usually takes only a few minutes to set up but may take up to 24 hours. You will receive an email confirming your new Rapbay Club Membership, after we have upgraded your account. Once Rapbay upgrades your account to Club Member, you will be able to log into shop.rapbay.com and the prices will change to club member prices.

2. 100% Savings Guaranteed! YOU CAN’T LOSE! It’s just $29.99 for a full year and your Club Membership is 100% guaranteed! “If for any reason during the year, you don’t believe you’re saving the cost of your Club Membership or more, you may cancel it, and we’ll refund your membership fee, minus any savings you may have received. You don’t risk a penny.”

3. Member’s Only Offers, Discounts and Coupons! You’ll receive TWO $5 OFF coupons (NO minimum order, six month expiration) to use on your next two orders from shop.rapbay.com, plus get other special Member’s Only coupons and discounts periodically throughout the year via email.

4. Each Rapbay Club Member will receive a FREE Rapbay T-shirt with your membership. Please select the size of your new T-shirt after clicking the below item.

5. You Get 5 FREE CDS. Just pick out 5 CDs on the list when you check out. We will send you all 5 of the CDs you select.

6. We DO NOT automatically renew your Club Membership! The $29.99 is for 1 full year of club membership. We will send you an email when your membership expires.