Darkroom Familia - Smile Now, Cry Later CD/DVD

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Manufacturer: Darkroom Familia
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Darkroom Familia - Smile Now, Cry Later CD/DVD
2008 Darkroom Studios

Disc 1: Smile Now, Cry Later - The Album
1. D.R.F. Por Vida (Crooked, Dyno, Dub, Oso, K.I.D., Young D, A.L.G. & Duke)
2. 40oz Of Game (Young Smob, Oso & Dyno)
3. Darkroom Dope (Crooked)
4. Pay Me Or Die! (Oso, K.I.D. & A.L.G.)
5. The Pain Within' (Dyno)
6. Livin' 4 Today (Oso & Dyno)
7. Realism (A.L.G.)
8. Evil Side (Gangsta Reese, Mr. Sosa, Jae Rilla & Mode Lok'z)
9. Stuck In The Middle (Dub)
10. Players 4 Life (K.I.D. & Oso)
11. The Realest Mutha Fuckaz (Duke)
12. Footsteps In The Dark (Skarface)
13. The Way Of The Gun (Young D, Dyno & A.L.G.)
14. Busting Out (Mr. Menti, Dyno & A.L.G.)

Disc 2: Smile Now, Cry Later The Movie
From the infamous Darkroom Familia comes the exciting epic gangster film Smile Now, Cry Later starring Sir Dyno and A.L.G. as two brothers trying to survive in the violent streets of the barrio. One brother wants to live his life straight ever since their older brother was violently murdered years earlier, while the younger brother is doing whatever it takes to make it in the streets. Whether gang banging, selling dope or violent criminal activities, his is willing to risk his life for the fast money. They are both trying to make it in the independent rap business, will all the dirt they have done in the past eventually come back to haunt them? In this world everything you do comes back to you. Like they say... Smile Now, Cry Later.

Sir Dyno