Hollywood Spittage - The Tragic Story Of A Philly M.C. DVD

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2010 So Busy T.V.

Maurice Dontae Poinsette, was born at Einstien Medical Hospital, on December 23,1983, to Darcell Poinsette and Mike Van Hewitt. Also, known around North Philly as DJ Mike. At an early age "lil Reese", the practical joker, was a bright kid. The oldest of four children lil Resse was extremely close to his dad, tragically DJ Mike was killed on his motorcycle and Maurice took it hard. Forced to be a father figure to his siblings, Maurice's youth was a tough one. A smart student but, forever the comedian, Reese dropped out of school in the 10th grade. By that time Reese was already building a reputation as a fierce lyricist in North Philly's Germantown; Happy Hollow section.

He was noticed by Spade-O of Major Figga's, who at the time was the hot crew in Philly, also from the Happy Hollow section. Spade-O brought Reese who was now being called Spittage, to the studio putting him on a Major Figga's song, giving Spittage the valadation and taste of fame he craved.

A host of family problems forced Spittage into difficult living arrangements and on occasion, Spittage was forced to sleep on a park bench. At age 19, Spittage and girlfriend, Ikia Scott gave birth to KaMayah Abria Poinsette on March 7 2002. Two weeks later Spittage was convicted of a felony and was sent to a Boys Reform in Western Pa, near Pittsburg.
In the summer of 2005 Spittage signed with Stargate Entertainment. Finally, feeling his dreams were coming into full view, Spittage went to L.A. to meet producers and to record some tracks with Philly's own DJ Rug. After his trip to L.A. Spittage added Hollywood to his name...

Now, going by the name Hollywood Spittage, he set out to become a polished artist, shedding the battle rap image he carried from his battles with local artists such as: Vodka, Vicious, Tech 9 and most notably Chris from the Young Guns. Hollywood Spittage was a favorite on the DVD circut, appearing on dvd's from Bananas 1 an 2, 2 Raw 4 da Streets, When Animals Attack and more.

On September 28 2005, in front of Petes Market on Wayne/Seymour Ave, Hollywood Spittage was in rare form as Phillymixtape.com's cameras were rolling.

Four months later on January 28 2006, shots rang out on the very corner of the youtube footage. Two people were shot, Spittage an innocent bystander was struck in the side of the chest. After being rushed to Temple Hospital, Maurice Dontae Poinsette succumbed to his injuries that evening sending shockwaves through North Phillys Germantown.
Philly rappers such as Elliot Ness, Tech 9, Hollowman and others have paid tribute to this local legend. Rapper Young Hot even did a R.I.P. song in honor of the slain artist. In the three plus years since his passing, Youtube has exploded with verses, and songs from Spittage, so much so that a lot of interest has grown, so heres the story of Hollywood Spittage from the people that knew him best.