Five.K.One - DVD

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2010 Royalty Records Inc.

The director of the groundbreaking film "Street Life," Dionciel Armstrong, brings you Five.K.One - A feature film with a storyline ripped from the new headlines. Five.K.One is the story of a drug cartel infiltrated by a "snitch and an overzealous leader who will see the truth at whatever cost. The title of the film is taken directly from the U.S. federal sentencing guidelines that give lighter sentences to informants even if they have committed the ultimate crime of murder.

In Five.K.One, two friends run a criminal enterprise known as the Self Made Bosses (SMB) and are tied to the world of drugs, money and murder. At the head of the SMB is Tiger (portrayed by nation recording artist, Forty Da Great) and Remo (portrayed by Melvin Jackson, Jr. who appeared on HBO's critically acclaimed show "The Wire"). The story begins one year prior to the federal indictment of the SMB when the crew was at the top of their game. As the SMB grows in the streets and the drama gets deeper, Remo begins to disconnect himself from the SMB with the desire to focus on family and more legitimate efforts. But in the streets, getting uot is much harder than getting in. Complete with murder, mayhem and mystery, Five.K.One is a cautionary tale about the allure of the street game, which promises money and power, but only ends in grief and despondency.

Five.K.One features a strong cast which includes Clifton Powell (Menace II Society, Next Friday), as a nightclub owner who is deeply in debt to Tiger and yet still teaches him patience and maturity. National recording artist, Yukmuoth portrays Yuk, a hitman who will go to any lengths to silence his targets. Video vixen, Christina Usher is Carmen Wilson, Remo's sister and Tiger's girlfriend. The cast is rounded out by AJ Johnson (Friday, Player's club) and rappers Quest MCODY, Big Herk, Marvwon and Ms. Nia.

Approx: 108 minutes