(MP3) Blocksterz & Mobsterz - Comp Vol. 1 - Download

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Year: 2011

Label: Palmtree Entertainment

Track List

01. Intro-Drew The Duke
02. Blocksterz & Mobsterz-Drew The Duke,Lil Evil,Chino,Butter,RiP,Lil Tone
03. Getting Off-Lil Evil,RiP,Chino,Lil Tone,Drew The Duke,Dutchez
04. When Them Shotz Go-RiP,Lil Evil,Drew The Duke,Chino
05. Pop Them Roundz-RiP,Lil Evil,Lil Tone,Chino,Smiff n wesson,Shadow
06. Like Father Like Son-RiP,Mobtay
07. Straight Out The Pitcher-Plain,Drew The Duke
08. By All Meanz-Drew The Duke,J-Stalin,K-Loc of the Gorilla,Lil Tone
09. Thatz How We Ryde-K-Loc of the Gorillapits,The Dragons
10. Itz Hell Where I'm At-Young Hittaz
11. Gotta Get It-Drew The Duke,Butter,Lil Tone
12. Of The Stack-Cut$,Krusty
13. Take My Own Life-RiP
14. Psyco Savz-Smiff n wesson,Quince,June