Demolition Men - West Coast Gangsta Starring Guce - CD

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2009 Demolition Men

01. West Coast Gangsta - Intro
02. My Hood (Feat. G-Stack, Tuff the Goon & Johnny Ca$h)
03. Gettin Money
04. Til My Casket Drop (Feat. J.Stalin, Mitchy Slick & AG)
05. Still In The Hood (Feat. Goldtoes & Sonny Spitz)
06. Trouble (Feat. Mac Dre & Rydah J Clyde)
07. Murder Mans On (Feat. J.STalin & Killa Keise)
08. In All Black (Feat. Magnolia Chop & Killa Keise)
09. Good Shit (Feat. Matt Blaque & The Goonies)
10. WCG Interlude
11. All Flame 9Feat. Tiny Do & Doitmovin)
12. Boss Like Me (Feat. DZ The Minista)
13. On Fire
14. Pistol In My Lap (Feat. Young Droop)
15. Rubber Bands Go Snap (Feat. Duna & Haji)
16. Block Report Radio (Feat. JR Minister Of Information)
17. What It Look Like (Feat. Gonzoe)
18. Court In The Streets (Feat. T Nutty, Dubb 20, Luni Coleone & Arrangatang Gang)
19. Hunters Point News Flash
20. Yous A Bitch (Feat. J.stalin, Killa Kiese, Young June, Shady Nate, Philthy Rich & Beeda Weeda)
21. Whos On Like Me (Feat. Balance, J.Stalin & Smigg Dirtee)
22. The Ghetto (Feat. Turf Talk & Mistah F.A.B.)
23. West Coast Gangsta Outro
24. Hunid Racks (Feat. Mitchy Slick, Yukmouth, Kead Da Sneak & Gucci Mane)