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Beeda Weeda - Homework Mix CD
2006 Pushin' The Beat / Clear Label Records

19 Tracks Featuring:
Under Survalance, Wild Catz, J.Stalin, Shady Nate, B.Rich, Ronald Mack, Biaje, Lil Al, D-Boy, Wade Win, Zailley, Aug, Sonsun, G-Wet, XO, Jaz, Next 2 Kin, Chris Da V & Luc Lue

1. Intro (Wade Win & Zailley)
2. Homework (Beeda Weeda)
3. Lookin Hard (Beeda Weeda)
4. Wassup (Beeda Weeda, B-Rich & Ronal Mack)
5. Rippa Slippas (Beeda Weeda, Aug, D-Boy & Jaz)
6. Solid (Beeda Weeda & Aug)
7. The Throne (Luc Lue & Beeda Weeda)
8. Anything Goes (Beeda Weeda, J.Stalin & Shady Nate)
9. Keep It Lit (Beeda Weeda)
10. 80's Baby (Beeda Weeda, J.Stalin & Shady Nate)
11. On Like Shit (Beeda Weeda)
12. Go Dumb Wit It (Beeda Weeda)
13. Live 1 Time (Beeda Weeda)
14. Face Down (Beeda Weeda, Sonsun & Lil' Al)
15. Mr. Bay Boy (Beeda Weeda & G-Wet)
16. Swagga (Beeda Weeda)
17. Two Step (XO & Beeda Weeda)
18. Spill A Lil Liquor (Beeda Weeda)
19. Rollin Murder Twomps (Beeda Weeda, Under Survalance, B-Rich, Chris Da V, Biaje & Next 2 Kin)