Black-C of RBL Posse - Last Man Standing CD

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Manufacturer: Black-C of RBL Posse
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Black-C - Last Man Standing CD
2003 Right Way Productions

14 Tracks Featuring:
Hitman, Taydatay of 11/5, Big MoMo, Simon, AK, Prime Minister, Mo Da Hustla, Alias, Young Thugg, Pleasure, Lil Ric, Sleep Dank, T-Royal, Mayo, Hermanata, Matt 11 & Quicks

1 The Last Man Standing: Intro
2. Gangsta Addict! (Feat. Big MoMo)
3. Pioneers
4. Thuggin In My Veins
5. Gangsta Party (Feat. Simon, AK, Prime Minister, Mo Da Hustla & Young Thugg)
6. Stand Our Ground
7. It's A Rap (Feat. Alias)
8. The Stakes Is High
9. Keep It In The Family (Feat. Young Thugg, Mo Da Hustla & Pleasure)
10. Boss Of The Ghetto (Feat. Lil Ric & Sleep Dank)
11. Can I Breathe A Minute (Feat. Simon)
12. Hustlin Regardless (Feat. Hitman ~R.I.P.~) 13. Kill A Man (Feat. T-Royal & Mayo)
14. High Like Friday (Feat. Hermanata, Matt 11, Quicks, Mo Da Hustla & Taydatay of 11/5)