C-Lim aka Slim Loc 1 - Spoils Of War CD

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Manufacturer: C-Lim aka Slim Loc 1
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Slim Loc 1 aka C-Lim - Spoils Of War CD
Diamond Life Records

16 Tracks Featuring:
X-Raided, T-Nutty, Ballin Ass Dame, J-Nutt, Sleepy, Sav Sicc, Lexxxo, No Love, 24 St. Menace, I-Rocc, Tre-8, Key Locc, Spank, Dank-C, Dutch, Kingpin, Hachet, Cadillac Todd, Kurupt, Kill Kill, Scrooge, Payne, C-Bo, Baby RIP & Baby JD

1. All Eyez On C
2. Anotha Clip (Feat. Ballin Ass Dame, J-Nutt & Sleepy)
3. Straight Gang Bang (Feat. Lexxo, Sav Sicc, No Love, 24 St Menace, I-Rocc, Tre-8, Key Locc, Spank & Dank-C)
4. Truth Is (Feat. Dutch)
5. Off The Deep End (Feat. X-Raided & Kingpin)
6. Mention Me (Feat. Hachet & T-Nutty)
7. Bitches I'll Do Ya (Feat. Ked, J-Nutt & Sleepy)
8. Stupid Bitch (Feat. Cadillac Todd & Sleepy)
9. Armegadon
10. All I Want
11. What's Up Wit It (Feat. Kurupt, Kill Kill & Scrooge)
12. Money And Power (Feat. J-Nutt & Payne)
13. Resist Arrest
Mobb Boss (C-Bo)
14. Roller Shit (Feat. Sleepy)
15. Take Over (Feat. Baby Rip, 24 St Menace & Baby JD)
16. Hollow Weenie (Hollow Tip Diss)