Chubalation Vol. 1 CD Presented By Salty Block Entertainment

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The Chubalation Vol. 1 CD
2007 Salty Block Entertainment

20 Tracks Featuring:
Big Tone, Lil Coner, Gangsta Flea, Darkroom Familia, Big Oso Loc, Freddy Chingaz, Fat Steve, Chubb G, M.O.E., Pokie Nopalis, Mac Moss, Playa Chaps, Chivo Loc, Baby Boy, Fats, Mak Cleez, Wiked, Miss Malicious, Horney Boys, Donte Thomas, Doc 9, Cash, Grizzly, Major, Cheeto, Savy, Coleone, JG, JQ, Mike H, Rob D, Frankie Monos, Bossillini, Baby Brown, Travieso G, Kutty Lou & Norm

1. Thizz Iz How We Roll (Chubb G, M.O.E., Pokie Nopalis, Mac Moss, Playa Chaps, Chivo Loc, Baby Boy & Fats)
2. Get Gone (Mak Cleez, Pokie Nopalis, Wiked & Playa Chaps)
3. Come Get It (Playa Chaps, Pokie Nopalis & Miss Malicious)
4. Make Room (Playa Chaps, Pokie Nopalis & Mak Cleez)
5. East West (Horney Boys & Donte Thomas)
6. Go Dumb (Doc 9, Playa Chaps & Pokie Nopalis)
7. Get Hyphy (Cash, Pokie Nopalis, Mac Moss & Playa Chaps)
8. Life'z Chasin' Me (Grizzly, Chivo Loc, Cheeto & Playa Chaps)
9. We Don't Play (Savy, Coleone, JG, JQ & Mike H)
10. All Them Hatas (Rob D, Frankie Monos, Mac Moss & Cheeto)
11. SummaTime (Rob D, Chivo Loc, Playa Chaps, Bossillini, Mac Moss & Pokie Nopalis)
12. Good Thangz (Mak Cleez & Major)
13. Ryders (Gangsta Flea, Big Tone, Doc 9 & Chivo Loc)
14. Our Pride: 801 Mix (Darkroom Familia, Doc 9, Playa Chaps, Chubb G, Cheeto & Pokie Nopalis)
15. Streets B (Rob D, Baby Brown, Doc 9 & Travieso G)
16. Me And My: Remix (Freddy Chingaz, Doc 9, Playa Chaps & Chubb G)
17. Spit: Bay 2 Da Lake (Lil Coner, JQ, Fat Steve, Playa Chaps, Pokie Nopalis, Doc 9 & Travieso G)
18. 801 2 Da 510 (Big Oso Loc & Kutty Lou)
19. Victed (Norm)
20. Red Rags (Doc 9, Chubb G & Travieso G)