Co Co County Classic - Various CD Feat Woodie Husalah A Wax

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Co Co County Classic Compilation CD
2003 Roll'em Up Records

16 Tracks Featuring:
A-Wax, Husalah of The Mob Figaz, Loced Out, Woodie, B-Dawg, Ted-G, Bonez, Roso, D-Roach, Bobby Broccoli, Konu, The Renaissance, Illa Sevearr, Ken-X, The Ace, E-Luv, Jax Traxx, Purpose & Scholar, Erk Tha Jerk, Q'Rolley, Jennifer Liu & Theresa Abatayo

1. Make Noise (Ted-G)
2. Pittsburg (A-Wax)
3. If You Only Knew (Bonez & Jennifer Liu)
4. Roso (Roso)
5. Inshallah: In God's Will (Husalah of The Mob Figaz)
6. That's What They All Say (D-Roach & Bobby Broccoli)
7. Pakalolo (Knou & Theresa Abatayo)
8. Duck Down (The Renaissance)
9. Are You Mad? (Illa Sevearr & Loced Out: Wax & Zaine)
10. Lemme Tell You Now (Freestyle) (Ken-X)
11. About My Cheese (The Ace)
12. Bandit (E-Luv, Bonez & Jax Traxx)
13. It's Never Enough (Purpose & Scholar)
14. The Money And The Power (Woodie & B-Dawg)
15. You Know What It's Like (Erk Tha Jerk & Q'Rolley)
16. Co-Co (Konu)