Darkroom Familia - Homicide Kings CD

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Manufacturer: Darkroom Familia
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Darkroom Familia - Homicide Kings CD Re-Release
2000-2008 Darkroom Studios

14 Tracks Featuring:
Duke, Crooked, Sir Dyno, D-Roll, Young-D, K.I.D., Oso, J-Loc, Dub, Sapo, Lil Wyno, Never, A.L.G. & Sidewayz

1. Hoodtales (Duke, D-Roll, Crooked & Young-D)
2. Real Vatos (Duke, Young-D, K.I.D., D-Roll & Crooked)
3. This Is Darkroom (Dyno & Oso)
4. Every City That We Hit (Duke, J-Loc, Crooked, Oso, Sir Dyno & Dub)
5. Self Destructive Behavior (J-Loc)
6. Homicide Kings (Duke, Sapo, Crooked, J-Loc, Dub & Oso)
7. Fuck My Enemies (Duke)
8. Still The Darkroom (Lil Wyno, Never, Sir Dyno & A.L.G.)
9. Do You Got Heart? (Sir Dyno)
10. The Mission (Dub, Sir Dyno & Oso)
11. You Know How We Ride (A.L.G.)
12. Sick Of It All (Crooked)
13. Darkened Skies (J-Loc, Sapo & Sidewayz)
14. Dirty (A.L.G. & Sir Dyno)