Darkroom Familia Presents: North Pole CD

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Manufacturer: Darkroom Familia
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Darkroom Familia Presents: North Pole CD
2007 Darkroom Studios

16 Tracks Featuring:
Crooked, Duke, D-Roll, K.I.D., Venomous, Unknown, Emaculate, Lil Coner, Fat Steve, Maloso, Ono Loco, Tito B, Dopey, Mr. Nacho, Kasper, Thugzy, Big Oso Loc, Lil Raider, Keek Dogg of 14 Caliber, Kriminal, PBC, Young D, Droopy Lector, Chubb G, Cheeto, Pokey Nopalis, Playa Chap, Cleezy, Doc-9 & Travieso G.

1. Los Darkroom Del Norte (Crooked, D-Roll, Duke & K.I.D.)
2. Go (Lil Raider, Fat Steve, Maloso & Ono Loco)
X. Nor Cal Boss (Venomous)
4. In The Northside (Tito B & Dopey of Dodge Boiz)
5. Infamy (Mr. Nacho, Kasper & Thugzy)
6. Suckaz Need To Chill (Big Oso Loc)
7. Is It True? (Lil Coner, Keek Dogg & Kriminal)
8. Quit Hatin' (Emaculate)
9. The Departed (Duke, Crooked, D-Roll & K.I.D.)
10. Get My Boots Laced (PBC)
11. My Blunt Keeps Burnin' (Unknown)
12. City Of Sin 2 (Young D)
XX. We Ride Slow (Droopy Lector)
14. Welcome To The North Pole (Crooked, D-Roll, K.I.D. & Duke)
15. Fuck 'Em All (Maloso)
16. City 2 City (Chubb G, Cheeto, Pokie Nopalis, Playa Chap, Cleezy, Doc-9, Travieso G.)