Deep - A Family Production CD

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Deep - A Family Production CD
2001 Beat Kings

23 Tracks Featuring:
Darryl-B, Donzelli, Demetri Tha Besieger, DeLava, J-Meez, Hassein, Smoke, O.E.S.: Dazi, Swame & Stixx, John Madden, Los Tha Jackal, Adaam, The F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.S., Lil' Nutt, Perv Tha Snypa, Fabiano, Cas, Suga Bear & Mecca

1. Welcome To DEEP
2. Lifestyles Of The Poor And Mad About It (Skit)
3. Critical (Darryl-B of O.E.S.)
4. D-Town (Donzelli, Demetri Tha Besieger & DeLava)
5. Playa State-US (Demetri Tha Besieger & J-Meez)
6. World Bump (Hassein, DeLava & Smoke)
7. Spotlight's Hella Hot! (O.E.S.: Dazi, Swame & Stixx)
8. Groundbreakin' (Demetri Tha Besieger aka Spicey Mike)
9. Now-U-Know! (John Madden, Los Tha Jackal & Adaam)
10. So Sudden (The F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.S.)
11. O.E.S. Player (Dazi)
12. Can't Fade (O.E.S.: Dazi, Swame & Stixx)
13. Weekend (Donzelli)
14. Just Entertainment (Demetri Tha Besieger)
15. Sinister (Demetri, Los Tha Jackal, Lil Nutt & Perv Tha Snypa)
16. Rollin' (O.E.S.: Dazi, Stixx, Swame, Fabiano & Cas)
17. Mile Away (Suga Bear, Smoke, DeLava & Hassein)
18. Sad Story (Los Tha Jackal)
19. O.E.S. Got Beats (O.E.S.: Stixx, Swame & Dazi)
20. Shit Gon Change (Demetri Tha Besieger)
21. O.E.S. To The Rescue (Skit)
22. HighPost (O.E.S.: Stixx, Swame & Dazi)
23. Chillin At The Club (Mecca & Smoke)