Dru Down, Lee Majors & Rahmean - Crack Muzic Vol. 2 CD

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Dru Down, Lee Majors, Rahmean - Crack Muzic Vol. 2 Mix CD
2007 Pimp On Records

Mixed By: DJ X-1

27 Tracks Featuring:
Dru Down, Lee Majors, Rahmean, Benny Blanco and Kincaid of The Yay Boyz, Frank Sticks, Bambi, P-Dot, K.O, Reazon of Side Industry & Esbee of UNLV

1. Intro
2. Birds In The Sky (Dru Down, Lee Majors & Rahmean)
3. Gettin' Money Baby (Dru Down & Lee Majors)
4. Turn My Shits Up (Lee Majors)
5. Rickey Retardoe (Lee Majors)
6. Skateboard Beat (Lee Majors & Benny Blanco)
7. Dummy, Stupid, Ill Retarded (Dru Down, Lee Majors & Rahmean)
8. Boyz On The Block (Lee Majors w/ Scratching by DJ X-1)
9. A Lil Story (Lee Majors)
10. Dope Man (Lee Majors)
11. Dumb Girl (Rahmean & Lee Majors)
12. I Need Luv (Dru Down & Frank Sticks)
13. Hustler (Lee Majors)
14. Scrape Thirsty (Lee Majors)
15. Win Or Lose (Dru Down)
16. True Story (Dru Down & Lee Majors)
17. Lean (Lee Majors, Dru Down & Bambi)
18. U Don't Know Me (Lee Majors, P-Dot & K.O)
19. Round Here (Lee Majors & K.O)
20. Scraper King (Lee Majors)
21. Reazon Freestyle (Reazon of Side Industry)
22. 1, 2, 3, 4 Doors Open (Lee Majors)
23. She's Goin' Wild (Lee Majors & Kincaid)
24. I Need A Loaf (Dru Down, Rahmean & Lee Majors)
25. Scrape Nasty (Dru Down, Rahmean & Lee Majors)
26. Dumb Muzic (Lee Majors, Esbee, Dru Down & Rahmean)
27. Ballin' (Lee Majors)

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