Furious - Breaking Point CD

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Manufacturer: Furious
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Furious - Breaking Point CD
2005 Divine Entertainment

19 Tracks Featuring:
E-40, Stres of The Federation, The Game, The Team, The Federation, San Quinn, Sean-T, Blu Chip, Planet Asia & Ghazi

1. Intro "Breaking Point"
2. One Shot
3. Take You Down (Feat. E-40 & Stres of The Federation)
4. Interlude
5. Out Of My Mind
6. Don't Stop (Feat. The Team)
7. We Rock More (Feat. The Game)
8. Where Do I Go
9. That's The Business
10. History
11. We Make The Club Go 12. Straight Up (Feat. The Federation)
13. Go
14. I'm That Type
15. Round Da World (Feat. San Quinn)
16. Survive
17. Rising Son (Feat. Sean-T)
18. Blood In And Out (Feat. Blu Chip)
19. Remember (Feat. Planet Asia & Ghazi)