G-Heff - Love To Be Hated CD

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G-Heff - Love To Be Hated CD
2004 Dope Cut Productions

19 Tracks Featuring:
San Quinn, The Jacka, The Arkyvz, Big Rich, 10sion, Ricashay, Suspect, Rated-R, Richness, Sloppy Sam, 4-1-5th, P.A.G., Dashawn, Preacher, Ananomiss, Sammy-B, T-Loc The Save & The Whole Goon Squad

1. Intro
2. Play Wit Cha (Feat. Rated-R, Ricashay & Suspect)
3. Bloodline
4. Different Same Hustle (Feat. San Quinn & Rated-R)
5. How It Work (Feat. Richness)
6. Round Here (Feat. Rated-R & Sloppy Sam)
7. Here We Go (Feat. 4-1-5th & P.A.G.)
8. Yeah (Feat. The Jacka & Rated-R)
9. Get Ghost (Feat. The Whole Goon Squad)
10. It's All Been Good To Me (Feat. Preacher)
11. Opened Eyes (Feat. Dashawn)
12. My Cream (Feat. The Arkyvz)
13. Love To Be Hated
14. I've Really
15. Life
16. Gased Up (Feat. Rated-R, Sloppy Sam & Anonamiss)
17. Mo Money Involved (Feat. Big Rich & Rated-R)
18. Smashmouth (Feat. 10sion, Suspect, T-Loc The Sav, Sammy-B & Sloppy Sam)
19. Lay Down (Feat. Rated-R)