Game Untold CD Various Goldtoes Presents

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Manufacturer: Goldtoes
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Goldtoes Presents: Game Untold Compilation CD
2005 Gold Toes Entertainment

21 Tracks Featuring:
Mr Kee, Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, Gemini, Lucky Luciano, C-Bo, Sean-G, Mousie, Gangsta Flea, Big Flake, Mia, Don Cisco, Goodfelonz, Jimmy Roses, Russell Lee, Honest Bob, Sav Lyf, Kazy-D, 10-Sion, Chopper, Coolio Da Unda Dogg, I.V.A.N., SEN, Diablo, Duke Shiesty, Coast, Silk, Grisitory, Mugzi, Grimm & More

1. Intro (Goldtoes & Silk)
2. Back Up (Goldtoes, Mr Kee, Grits, Chingo Bling & Big Flake)
3. I'm A Gangsta (Lucky Luciano & Goldtoes)
4. Before I Let Go (Mr Kee, Redeyez & Coast)
5. My Real Niggaz (C-Bo & Sean-G)
6. Falling To The Top (Jimmy Roses, Mr Kee & Andre Nickatina)
7. All I Need (Mr Kee, Mia & Jimmy Roses)
8. Bartender Please (Mr Kee, Duke Shiesty & Gemini)
9. Get To Know Ya (Mr Kee, Goldtoes & Diablo)
10. Frisco Rydaz (Sav Lyf & Goodfelonz)
11. All Game (Mr Kee)
12. It's Nothing (Baby Bash, Mr Kee, Don Cisco & Honest Bob)
13. Yadda Mean (Jimmy Roses, Mr Kee & Mugzo)
14. Romped Out Norteno (Thizzed Out Remix) (Mac Dre, Gangsta Flea, Mousie & Goldtoes)
15. Around Here (Goodfelonz & Mr Kee)
16. Keep The Heat (Lil D-Town, Mr Kee S.E.N. & Big Flake)
17. Damn Fool (Lucky Luciano, 10sion, Mr Kee & Goldtoes)
18. Frenemy (Goldtoes, Mr Kee, I.V.A.N. & Kazy-D)
19. Walk Wit Me (Mr Kee, Grimm, Chopper & Mr Kee)
20. Fallen Soldiers (Coolio Da Unda Dogg & Goldtoes)
21. Boss Hogg (Larry Highes & 10sion)