J-Diggs & I-Rocc - Fixed Fight CD

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J-Diggs & I-Rocc - Fixed Fight CD

2009 SL Entertainment

San Diego and the Bay Area get hooked up with this CD by J-Diggs and I-Rocc. This album has it all including tracks that are sure to be radio hits like "Fast Life" featuring Smigg Dirtee and street anthems such as "It's Yours" featuring Don Diego, Baby Bandit & Tiny Beef and "Life Ain't A Game" featuring A-Wax. "Fixed Fight" also features - Tez, Ecay Uno, Cricet, Harmoney and Josh Franks.

01. Message Intro Feat. Dan Phippen
02. Fixed Fight
03. The City Feat. Tez
04. Fast Life Feat. Smigg Dirtee & Josh Franks
05. Work Interlude
06. P.I.M.P. Feaet. Smigg Dirtee
07. Life Aint A Game Feat. A-Wax
08. What A Hater Got To Say Feat. J.Diggs & Poodezzy
09. The Best In The Business Feat. Ecay Uno & Cricet
10. Bitch Niggaz Interlude
11. Touch You There Feat. Harmoney
12. The World Is Mine Feat. J. Diggs & Baby Bandit
13. Front OF The Club Feat. Josh Franks
14. It's Yours Feat. Don Diego, Baby Bandit & Tiny Beef
15. For The Money Feat. Smigg Dirtee & J. Diggs
16. What I'm Sayin Feat. J. Diggs
17. Dust Ya Self Off Feat. Tez
18. Cocky Feat. J. Diggs & Odoe
19. Go Dere Feat. Cee Wee 3 & Googie