J-Hype - About My Thizzness CD

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J-Hype - About My Thizzness CD
2008 Thizz Nation

17 Tracks Featuring:
Mac Dre, Dubee, San Quinn, Rydah J. Klyde, Geezy of The Fendi Boyz, Bavgate, Sleep Dank, Tic of 535, Crest Creepaz, OZ, Thrax, Dave C & Chop Da Hookman

1. Thizztro
2. Ready 2 Work
3. Space Age Hustle (Feat. Mac Dre & Dubee)
4. I Been Out Here (Feat. San Quinn, Rydah J. Klyde & Chop Da Hookman)
5. Sav It Out
6. Get It Clear (Feat. Geezy & Bavgate)
7. Race Against Time (Feat. OZ)
8. Make It Happen (Feat. Dave C)
9. About My Thizzness: Interlude
10. Thizz 4 Life
11. I'm Tha Man (Feat. Mac Dre & Dubee)
12. Non-Stop (Feat. Sleep Dank & Tic)
13. Designer Wardrobe
14. Notes (Feat. Crest Creepaz)
15. California Dreams Pt. 2 (Feat. OZ)
16. Invincible
17. Get It Clear Now: Rethizz (Feat. Chop Da Hookman, Thrax, Sleep Dank, Tic, Geezy & Bavgate)



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