Latino Velvet - Jay Tee & Baby Bash: The Camp Is Back CD

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Manufacturer: Latino Velvet
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Latino Velvet - Jay Tee & Baby Bash: The Camp Is Back CD
2008 Jaime Trago Music / 40 Ounce Records

26 Tracks Featuring:
Chingo Bling, Gemini, Marty James, Angel Dush of The Stooie Bros., Paula Deanda, Nino Brown, Battle Loco, Don Cisco, Natalie, Rich Rap of The Stooie Bros., Mickael, Young Dru, Clika One, Merciless of Funky Aztecs, Stunta, Russell Lee, Lil Rob, Chino 4 Real, C-Major, Bosko, Mr. Kee & Frankie J. Malik

1. The Camp Is Back: Skit (Chingo Bling)
2. Stay On The Grind (Jay Tee, Baby Bash, Gemini & Marty James)
3. The Remedy (Baby Bash & Marty James)
4. Bubble On (Baby Bash, Angel Dust, Jay Tee & Paula Deanda)
5. Old School (Nino Brown, Baby Bash, Battle Loco & Marty James)
6. It's Whatever (Jay Tee, Don Cisco, Baby Bash & Natalie)
7. All I Need (Baby Bash & Chingo Bling)
8. All Over Me (Baby Bash, Rich Rap, Natalie & Mickael)
9. World Of LVC: Skit (Chingo Bling)
10. Looking At Me (Young Dru, Jay Tee & Baby Bash)
11. Stand & Deliver (Jay Tee & Clika One)
12. Que No? (Baby Bash, Chingo Bling & Jay Tee)
13. Bagina: Skit (Chingo Bling)
14. Show It Off (Gemini, Merciless & Jay Tee)
15. My Neighborhood (Gemini, Stunta, Jay Tee & Russell Lee)
16. God Don't Like It Ugly (Baby Bash, Lil Rob & Romero)
17. Public Service Announcement: Skit (Chingo Bling)
18. Yaper (Jay Tee, Don Cisco & Chino 4 Real)
19. Chevy Music (Baby Bash, Clicka One & Don Cisco)
20. Hands Dirty (Don Cisco, Jay Tee & C-Major)
21. Speak About It (Baby Bash, Gemini & Jay Tee)
22. Public Service Announcement Dos: Skit (Chingo Bling)
23. My Life (Baby Bash & Bosko)
24. You Can Be (Mr. Kee, Jay Tee & Gemini)
25. Lifted (Baby Bash & Frankie J. Malik)
26. Adios: Skit