Little Bruce - Give It To Me Baby! CD

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Manufacturer: Little Bruce
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Little Bruce - Give It To Me Baby! CD
2000 Sumo Uvit Entertainment

20 Tracks Featuring:
B-Legit, Mac Minister, Shorty-B, Big Syke & Mopreme of Thuglife, Kastro of Outlawz, Miami, Young Smitty, Lil Italy, K-One, Noble of Outlawz, Pretty Tone Only Inc, Napolean & Young L of Outlawz, Nikki Scarfo & Mac Shawn

1. Intro Servin The Game
2. Cadillac Skirts And Vogues (Feat. B-Legit & Mac Minister)
3. Ride With Me (Feat. Shorty-B)
4. The Bounty
5. Thug Thang (Feat. Big Syke, Mopreme & Kastro)
6. Girl
7. The Game Is Big (Feat. Miami)
8. Groovin (Feat. Young Smitty, Lil Italy & K-One)
9. Quit Claim Pimpin (Feat. Miami)
10. I Can Make It Bounce (Feat. B-Legit)
11. Fuck The Fame (Feat. Noble of Outlawz)
12. I Love Pimpin Hoes (Feat. Miami & Pretty Tone Only Inc)
13. Turn Out
14. Boothill
15. The Big Time (Feat. Napolean, Young-L & Noble of The Outlawz)
16. Imagine That (Feat. Young Smitty)
17. Somethin Way Too Tight (Feat. B-Legit)
18. The Cost (Feat. B-Legit, Nikki Scarfo & Mac Shawn)
19. If You Had My Game
20. Give It To Me Baby