Mr. 21 Presents: City Of Sharks - Compilation CD

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Mr 21 Presents: City Of Sharks Compilation CD
2007 Criminal Records / M.A.E. Muzic

21 Tracks Featuring:
Mr. 21, Tekpot, Traficante, C-Locs Tha Hoodstar, AK-9ine, CT, Young Impakt, Scrilla Mac, Vercetti, Carrafa, Cleetus Kasiddy, Les GimiX, Tha Hittah, Evil, Sinner, Cue, Heavy, Malo, Tiny, Lil Man, Frank Gucci, Fada J, Enormus Tha Ox, Automatic, Kwest, Jay The Butcher, Carlos Rossi, Lil Oso, Assassin, Troublez, Fatalist, Scroog, No Remorse, Big Chief, Big Rhino, Gangsta Mister, Trigger & Dopey

1. Intro (Mr. 21)
2. 5 In The Morning (Mr. 21)
3. Gangstas, Ballas, Shotcallas (Mr. 21, Tekpot & Traficante)
4. Boom Boom (Mr. 21 & C-Locs Tha Hoodstar)
5. Everyday (AK-9ine, CT & Young Impakt)
6. Fuck The World (Scrilla Mac)
7. Crime Buddies (Vercetti & Carrafa)
8. Beware Of Shark (Cleetus Kasiddy)
9. Round The Club (Les GimiX)
10. 4 Dots (Tha Hittah, Evil & Mr. 21)
11. Contradictions (Sinner, Cue, Heavy, Malo, Tiny & Lil Man)
12. Walk With Me (Frank Gucci, Mr. 21 & C-Locs Tha Hoodstar)
13. Blvd (Fada J & Traficante)
14. Pull The Top Down (Mr. 21 & C-Locs Tha Hoodstar)
15. Who's That? (Enormus The Ox, Automatic & Mr. 21)
16. My City (Kwest & Jay The Butcher)
17. Late Nites (Carlos Rossi, Lil Oso & Tekpot)
18. Till Death Do Us Part (Assassin)
19. Put It On Me (Troublez, Fatalist, Scroog & No Remorse)
20. South San Jo (Big Chief)
21. City Of Sharks: Remix (Mr. 21, Traficante, C-Locs, Carlos Rossi, Tekpot, Kwest, Scrilla Mac, Rig Rhino, Gangsta Mister, Evil, Trigger & Dopey)



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