Murder Dog Presents: Kansas City Double CD Pack Compilation

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Murder Dog Presents: Kansas City Compilation 2CD Pack
2004 Blood Rush

2 CDs, 30 Tracks Featuring:
Tech N9ne, Big Bear, Greedy, TXX Will, Wescrook, Mr. Man, Lejo, Don Juan, Mr. Celsta, Romeo Ryonell, Rock Money, Young Kev, Young Sean, S2TheB, Finesse, Court Dog, Priceless Diamonds, Midwesterner, Hustlamade Bugz, X, The Popper, Zeno Vellie, Panic, Da Nuggie Man, Stereotype Buster, Verbal Contact, Woozy, Vell Bakardy, Cku Koo Bird, Kaotic, Al Foxx, 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians, Lil Regg, El Dosha, Whitebear, Hobo Tone, Young Quadaffi & Swell L

Disc 1:
1. Kansas City King (Tech N9ne)
2. Boss (Big Bear)
3. Travel The Globe (Greedy)
4. I Don't Give A Fuck (TXX Will)
5. Money Dogs And Hogs (Wescrook)
6. Low Life Mafia (Mr. Man & Mr. Celsta)
7. KC Streets (Lejo)
8. When We Ride (Don Juan)
9. Kountry City (Romeo Ryonell)
10. Rock That Dope Up (Rock Money)
11. What We Do To Survive (Young Kev & Young Sean)
12. We Grave Diggers (S2TheB, Finesse & Court Dog)
13. Reptillians (Priceless Diamonds)
14. My Type Shit (Midwesterner)
15. So Heavy (Hustlamade Bugz & X)

Disc 2:
1. Southside Representer (The Popper)
2. They Be Like (Zeno Vellie)
3. White Rhino (Panic)
4. Beat This (Da Nuggie Man)
5. Bust-N-Em Down (Stereotype Buster)
6. 1 Love (Verbal Contact)
7. Listen Closely (Woozy, Vell Bakardy & Cku Koo Bird)
8. Dont Get Caught (Kaotic)
9. The Truth (Al Foxx)
10. Super Villians (57th Street Rogue Dog Villians)
11. We Don't Kare (Lil Regg)
12. Can't Ride (El Dosha & Whitebear)
13. Iced Out (Hobo Tone & Young Quadaffi)
14. Keep It Gangsta (S2TheB)
15. Maintain A Grip (Swell L)