Nasty North Records Presents: Ghetto Graduite Compilation CD

Price: $12.99
Product ID : 6948
Manufacturer: Lil Raider
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Nasty North Records Presents:

Ghetto Graduite CD
2008 Nasty North Records

18 Tracks Featuring:
Lil Raider, Big Tone, Zipper Louie, Davina, Doonie Baby of The Federation, Ono Loco, B-Dawg, Shotgun Rob, Mo Jack Daniels, Goldtoes, Tito B, Lil Coner, Neva Sober, Loot, Filthy Fill, Geez Loc, Lil Toro, Thugzy, Young Loc, C-Locs Tha Hoodstar, Big Nige, Mac Reese, Sleeps, Weech, J.D., XO Creep, Herm, Collage, G.B., Diz & T-Lo

1. Intro
2. Hustlin' (Lil Raider, Big Nige & Neva Sober)
3. What Happens To Yo Soul (Lil Raider, Sleeps, Neva Sober & Goldtoes)
4. Darkest Placez (Ono Loco, Young Loc, Weech & Lil Toro)
5. Try To Make It Thru Another Day (Lil Raider, Big Tone, B-Dawg & Davina)
6. Gota Watch 4 Haterz (Ono Loco, Lil Raider & Weech)
7. Tha Hood (Loot)
8. Only Friend Is My Heat (Geez Loc, J.D., XO Creep & Herm)
9. Tha Life I Live (Ono Loco, Tito B & Lil Raider)
10. Tha Connection (Lil Coner, C-Locs Tha Hoodstar & Lil Raider)
11. Throw'n Sev's Up (Zipper Louie & Doonie Baby of The Federation)
12. Ghetto Graduite (Lil Raider & Filthy Fill)
13. Landmines (G.B., Collage, Diz & T-Lo)
14. Just When You Thought You Won You Lost (Big Tone, Lil Raider, B-Dawg & Mo Jack Daniels)
15. Livin' That Gangsta Shit (Shotgun Rob Corleone)
16. Go Hard (Mac Reese)
17. Hey Mamacita (Ono Loco & Lil Raider)
18. Northern Killa4ni'yay (Thugzy)



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