Outlawz - The Life Of & Best Of 2Pac And Outlawz Mix 2CD Pack

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DJ RIP & Supa Slip - The Life Of An Outlaw & The Best Of 2Pac And Outlawz Double Mixtape Pack
2005 Outlaw Recordz

2CDs, 59 Tracks Featuring:
Tupac, EDI, Young Noble, Big Syke, C-Bo, Kastro, Stormey, Game, Erick Sermon, Yukmouth, Kadafi, Nas, Eminem, Stat Quo, Boo, James Gotti, Boot Camp Clik, Fatal Hussein, The Dogg Pound, Deuce Poppy, Mali-G, Lloyd of Murder Inc, Khujo, Goodie Mob, Malitia, Flame, Steel of Smif'n'Wesson, Lazy Bone, Bizzy Bone, Big Mountain, Super Slip, Big Hustle, HBI, Heartless & Chae

Disc 1: The Life Of An Outlaw Mix
1. Intro: The Streets Speak Pt. 1 (DJ Rip & The Outlawz)
2. My Block (EDI, Young Noble & Stormey)
3. One Nation: Life Of An Outlaw (The Game, Erick Sermon, Yukmouth, Stat Quo, Boo, James Gotti, Boot Camp Clik, Fatal, Deuce Poppy & Young Noble)
4. This Is The Life (Kastro, Young Noble & Mali-G)
5. Bitch (Stormey)
6. Beautiful (EDI, Stormey & Lloyd of Murder Inc)
7. Dope Boy (Chair Crazy)
8. These Are The Times (The Outlawz, Stormey, Khujo, Goodie Mob & Malitia)
9. Nothing To Lose (The Outlawz)
10. Outlawz Freestyle (Young Noble, Flame, Steel & Stormey)
11. Come & Ride With Me (Stormey)
12. Ball Cautiously (Lazy Bone & Bizzy Bone)
13. Let's Ride (EDI)
14. I'm An Outlaw (Stormey, EDI & Kastro)
15. Mister Mister (The Outlawz)
16. Me Against The World (HBI/Soleternity Remix) (Young Noble, Big Mountain & 2Pac)
17. Southside (Stormey & Lloyd)
18. Freedom (Stormey, EDI & Super Slip)
19. Young Man (The Outlawz & Stormey)
20. Yo (Stormey & Young Noble)
21. Roll Up On'em (Young Noble, Big Hustle, HBI & Super Slip)
22. Deeper Than Your Eyes Can See (EDI & Young Noble)
23. Just A Minute (Heartless & Chae)
24. Welcome To America (The Outlawz & Stormey)
25. How Bout It (HBI)
26. Came Along Way (The Outlawz)
27. Outro: The Streets Speak Pt. 2 (DJ Rip & The Outlawz)

Disc 2: The Best Of The Outlawz & Tupac
1. Intro: The Streets Are Talking Pt. 3 (DJ Rip, The Outlawz & 2Pac)
2. Made Niggaz (Tupac & The Outlawz)
3. Life Of An Outlaw (Tupac & The Outlawz)
4. Me Against The World (Tupac & The Outlawz)
5. World Wide Mob Figgaz (Tupac & The Outlawz)
6. There You Go (Tupac, Jazzy Pha, Big Syke & The Outlawz)
7. Tradin War Stories (Tupac, The Outlawz, Stormey & C-Bo)
8. Thug Passion (Tupac & The Outlaw Immortals)
9. Goodlife (Tupac, Big Syke & The Outlawz)
10. One Day At A Time (Tupac, The Outlawz & Eminem)
11. Bomb First (Tupac, EDI & Young Noble)
12. Lost Souls (Tupac, Young Noble & EDI)
13. Thug Mansion Remix (Nas & Young Noble)
14. Hail Mary (Tupac, The Outlawz, Kastro, Young Noble & Kadafi)
15. Exclusive 2Pac Interview With Postman Productions
16. Fame (Tupac & The Outlawz)
17. Uppercut (Tupac, Young Noble, EDI & Eminem)
18. Baby Don't Cry (Trackmasters Mix) (Tupac, Young Noble & EDI)
19. Who Do You Believe In (Kadafi)
20. Dear Mr. President (Tupac, The Outlawz & Big Syke)
21. Rearview (Tupac, EDI & Kadafi)
22. Anitiated (Tupac, The Dogg Pound, Fatal & EDI)
23. Hell For A Hustler (Tupac, Young Noble & EDI)
24. Life I Lead (Tupac & The Outlawz)
25. High Speed (Tupac & The Outlawz)
26. Just Like Daddy (Tupac, EDI, Kadafi & Young Noble)
27. What You Gonna Do (Tupac, Young Noble & Kastro)
28. Breathing (Tupac & The Outlawz)
29. Homeboys (Tupac & Young Noble)
30. When We Ride (Tupac & The Outlaw Immortals)
31. Hit'em Up (Tupac, Fatal, Kadafi & EDI)
32. Outro: The Streets Are Talking Pt. 4 (DJ Rip, Tupac & The Outlawz)