PFL: Playaz 4 Life Vol. 2 - West Coast Rezorection CD Various

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PFL: Playaz 4 Life Vol 2 - West Coast Rezorection
Compilation CD
Legal Dope/Flip Tha Switch Records

17 Tracks Featuring:
Down-N-Dirty, Hellwig, Mr Sinatra, Just Mello, Sire, King Czar, The Fharmacy, Major Liegue, Smooth Ace Tha Hooligan, E-Dawg, 2 Cent Associates, R.I.S.K., B-Down, Poppin Fresh, L.S.P., Young Csteroc, Intoxicans, Stadium Kingz, Lugo, Deebo, N-Stinct, Cityzun Kain, Godbless, Highness, Sidewayz, Ant Dogg and Cadillac Todd.

1. Sleepwalkerz (Down-N-Dirty & Hellwig)
2. Bad Dreams (Mr Sinatra, Just Mello & Sire)
3. RU Scared Of Death? (King Czar)
4. Ball Or Fall (The Fharmacy)
5. Dark Score (Major Liegue)
6. My Final Hour (Smooth Ace Tha Hooligan)
7. True To The Piru (E-Dawg)
8. Why Must? (2 Cent Associates)
9. Ride Tonight (R.I.S.K. "Ruthless Sick Insane Killers")
10. Chicken Heads (B-Down & Poppin Fresh)
11. Raisin Smugglaz (L.S.P.)
12. East Bay Raised (Young Csteroc)
13. The Real "Danger Strikes" (Intoxicans)
14. Crime Pays (Big Lugo & Stadium Kingz)
15. Numerous Attempts (Deebo, N-Stinct & Cityzun Kain)
16. Godz Highwayz (Godbless, Highness & Sidewayz)
17. Unda Tha Gun (Ant Dogg & Cadillac Todd)

PFL Vol 1 Was Released On Tape Only And Is Available In The Cassette Section