Razor Sharp - Raiza of the Dead - CD

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Razor Sharp - Raiza of the Dead - CD

Year : December 2011


01. Creeping Thru The Fog Feat Insert of The Triune Allah Master J
02. Party In The Scraper Feat Lil Dre, Lynch Localle, Ansar S/C Marcus & The Chairman
03. 4 The Children Feat Agent Striknine, Ansar S/C Mujahid, A-1, Coblood
04. Raiza Of The Dead Feat K Real , Fleetwood , Glamourous For God
05. Sunz Rising In The West Feat Bro , Moe , Rappin 4-Tay, Guerilla Pino (AKA Rudy Of U.P.)
06. Savage Tactics Part 2 Feat J Rolla and Notorious