Sac Kingz - SK2 The Sequel 2CD Pack

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Sac Kingz - SK2: The Sequel Double CD Pack
2003 Out of Bounds Entertainment

2 CDs, 30 Tracks Featuring:
T-Nutty, Mitchy Slick, Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, Hollow Tip, J-Mack, Big Hollis, P-Folks, Keak Da Sneak, Messy Marv, Skee 64, Young Meek, Redrum, Old-E, C-Lim, GP, Taydatay of 11/5, Marvaless, Black Tone, Soul Clap, Shaq Zilla, Jaded MCs, Paul Mussan, Kasper, Young Fierce, Black Bean, Prime Minister, DL, King Philly, E-Moe, Robert Jr, Antonio, Competition, Lil Darrelle, Reebok, Montay, E-Train, Kaos, KD, G-Menace, Billy Bax, Lucci Lou & Tha Acrite

Disc 1:
1. Sac Kingz (T-Nutty)
2. It Ain't Nothin To Me (Mitchy Slick, I-Rocc, Hollow Tip, J-Mack, Luni Coleone & T-Nutty)
3. I'm Black Tone (Black Tone & Big Hollis)
4. Pumpkin Pie Or Peach Cobbler? (Soul Clap)
5. I Want It All (P-Folks & Shaq Zilla)
6. We Run This Underground (Jaded MCs)
7. We Kingz (Paul Mussan, Kasper & Young Fierce)
8. Sac Town (Black Bean)
9. FED Time (Prime Minister & Big Hollis)
10. Playaz (DL)
11. Heavy Rotation (Skee 64 & King Philly)
12. I'm So Tired (E-Moe)
13. Gettin It Good (Robert Jr & Big Hollis)
14. Go Head Baby (Keak Da Sneak & Messy Marv)
15. Clothes On Your Back, Shoez On Your Feet (Young Meek)

Disc 2:
1. Antonio (Antonio)
2. 4 Life (Big Hollis)
3. Competition (Competition)
4. Uh Huh (T-Byrd)
5. City To City (Old-E, Redrum & Big Hollis)
6. Roll That Shit (C-Lim)
7. Sacramento Macramento II (GP & Lil Darrelle)
8. Let Me Clear My Throat (E-Moe & Big Hollis)
9. Total Control (Taydatay of 11/5)
10. Strapped With My Heat (Marvaless & Big Hollis)
11. Suwoop (Reebok & Montay)
12. Ghetto Raised (E-Train)
13. Valley Of Da Kingz (Kaos)
14. Ride Or Die (KD, G-Menace, Billy Bax & Lucci Lou)
15. Scandalous (Tha Acrite)