San Quinn - The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds CD

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Manufacturer: San Quinn
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San Quinn - The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds CD 2006 Done Deal Entertainment

19 Tracks Featuring:
E-A-Ski, Ya Boy, Seff Tha Gaffla, Big Rich, Hoodstarz, Selau, Pierce, Mike Marshall & Allen Anthony

1. Frisco Stand Up: Checkmate 2 (Feat. Ya Boy)
2. Hell Yeah! (Feat. E-A-Ski & Allen Anthony)
3. Planet Fillmoe (Feat. Seff Tha Gaffla)
4. Get Low
5. Look What I've Done for Them
6. Put My Mind to It
7. Run the Block
8. Kick Yo' Ass
9. It's A Done Deal
10. Do That for Me
11. So Young (Feat. Mike Marshall)
12. From A Gangsta Like Me
13. The Hunter (Feat. Ya Boy)
14. That's Beef (Feat. Big Rich)
15. Holdin' Back These Years
16. I Got Goons (Feat. Hoodstarz)
17. Tell Me What The Price Is
18. Way More Than They Can See (Feat. Selau)
19. Pimps 'N Hustlas (Feat. Pierce)