Shotgun Rob Corleone - Do'n Thangz CD

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Manufacturer: Shotgun Rob Corleone
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Shotgun Rob Corleone - Do'n Thangz CD
2007 Monster Grip Records

19 Tracks Featuring:
Lil Coner, Young Dru, Lil Raider, J-Minix, Covatus, Neva Sober, Villainyous, Keek Dogg of 14 Caliber, Zipper Louie, Young Filthy Fill, Loot, Eddie Z, Tim Diggidy & The Monster Grip Nasty Bitches

1. Where My Monstas At?
2. Big Bizzness (Feat. J-Minix & Covatus)
3. Like It's Nuthin' (Feat. Neva Sober & Villainyous)
4. Don't Fuck Up My Good Day (Feat. Keek Dogg & Zipper Louie)
5. Gas-Brake-Dip! (Feat. Young Filthy Fill & Lil Raider)
6. The Shit I Love 2 Do (Feat. Lil Raider, Loot & Zipper Louie)
7. Come & Get It
8. Nuthin' Nice (Feat. Eddie Z & Neva Sober)
9. Get That Money (Feat. Young Filthy Fill & Lil Raider)
10. They Gonna Miss Me
11. Pimpin' In Tha Club (Feat. Young Filthy Fill & Loot)
12. Drop Tha Top (Feat. Neva Sober & Covatus)
13. Them Dollar Billz (Feat. Young Filthy Fill & Zipper Louie)
14. My Red Tinted Shades (Feat. Lil Coner & Zipper Louie)
15. Block Shit! (Feat. Young Dru, Covatus & Young Filthy Fill)
16. Dem Gangstas (Feat. Villainyous & Loot)
17. Never Gonna Hurtchya (Feat. Tim Diggidy)
18. Nasty Bitch (Feat. The Monster Grip Nasty Bitches)
19. Do'n Thangz (Feat. Zipper Louie)



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