Suga Free - Street Gospel - CD

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Manufacturer: Suga Free
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Suga Free - Street Gospel - CD

Suga Free's debut release is a Sheppard Lane presentation of Unfadeable Records, a division of Island Black Music. Produced by L.A.'s premier rap producer and 3x-platinum Profile artist DJ Quik, Suga Free comes out of the box with beats that will be bangin' clubs from coast to coast. The mix of DJ Quik (the "original platinum Compton producer") and Suga Free (Pomona's mainstream "Playa of the Year") creates a true street record with commercial viability. 1st single: "If You Stay Ready" (video features DJ Quik).

  • Why U Bull*In?
  • I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
  • Doe Doe and a Skunk
  • Don't No Suckaz Live Here
  • Tip Toe
  • I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)
  • If U Stay Ready
  • Fly Fo Life
  • On My Way
  • Secrets
  • Table Interlude
  • Dip Da
  • Tip Toe (Reprise)