Tizzle - Power Moves 2CD Pack

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Tizzle - Power Moves Double CD Pack
2004 2-Da-Face Records

2 CDs, 28 Tracks Featuring:
Yukmouth, Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak of 3xKrazy, Skitso, Melle Mel, Fats of DRP, L-Capone, BA of 3xKrazy, Hate of DRP, Virgil, GA, Bear, Budda, Mafia Boyz, Doo-Lo Da General, Dank Room Posse & Lunnie

Disc 1:
1. Hot Right Here
2. Big Trucks (Feat. Skitso & Mel)
3. Homo Thuggz (Feat. Keak Da Sneak & Fats)
4. Knocked Out Cold (Feat. Skitso & Fats)
5. My Block (Feat. L-Capone)
6. Power Moves (Feat. Yukmouth & General)
7. My Life Gangsta (Feat. BA of 3xKrazy & Hate of Dank Room)
8. Back And Forth
9. Smoke (Feat. Skitso & Melly Mel)
10. Game Ain't The Same (Feat. Virgil)
11. Stop Hatin'
12. Snitches (Feat. G.A)

Disc 2:
1. Tizzle Drizzle Show (Feat. Mac Dre)
2. Fa'Real (Feat. Fats of Dank Room)
3. Girl (Feat. Bear, Virgil & Fats)
4. The Club
5. Dedication To Mom
6. Party Tonight (Feat. Skitso)
7. 2 Da Face Family (Feat. Skitso, G.A & Fats of Dank Room)
8. Thizzle Mountain (Fats aka Waymen Thizdale, Mac Dre, Mel & BA of 3xKrazy)
9. STK (Feat. Mel)
10. Breakin Bottles (L-Capone, G.A & Hate)
11. Grind Out Here (Budda)
12. Bossin' Up (Skitso)
13. Get Loose (Mafia Boyz)
14. Trust Nobody (Doo-Lo Da General)
15. Mobb Muzik (G.A & Lunnie)
16. First Chapter Hate of Dank Room Posse)